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The Baron of Bad Ideas

where I am and what it looks like from here

Joseph O'Brien
Due to a recent ontological awakening, Joseph O'Brien can neither confirm nor deny the existence of said person.
3d animation, after effects, alan moore, alias, alien movies, asia argento, battlestar galactica, bbc, blade, blade runner, blakes 7, brian michael bendis, bride with white hair, bruce campbell, buckaroo banzai, canon gl-2, cats, chewbacca, chud, comic books, comics, concrete blonde, crime fiction, cthulhu mythos, daleks, daredevil, dario argento, david bowie, david cronenberg, david fincher, david lynch, david mamet, destroy all monsters, digital video, doc savage, dr. who, drawing, elvis, faith no more, family guy, fan films, fangoria, fight club, filmmaking, filter, frank miller, gamera, garbage, george romero, giallo, goblin, godzilla, graphic novels, gta san andreas, h.p. lovecraft, hammer horror, harlan ellison, hellboy, henry rollins, horror, horror movies, horror writing, imaginary forces, jackie chan, james bond, james cameron, jaws, jean baudrillard, jerry goldsmith, john carpenter, johnny cash, joseph campbell, kaiju eiga, kung fu movies, kyle cooper, leonardo da vinci, little britain, lost, lucio fulci, margaret cho, metaphysics, mexican wrestling, mst3k, mythology, nigel kneale, nine inch nails, ninjas, outer limits, philip k. dick, photoshop, planet of the apes, ps2, public enemy, pulp stories, purple, pyrotechnics, quatermass, ray bradbury, ray harryhausen, republic serials, robert e. howard, robocop, rod serling, rue morgue, saul bass, science fiction, screenwriting, sean connery, shatner, shonen knife, shut the fuck up, silver snail, smart girls, snowstorms, soundtracks, spaghetti westerns, speaking my mind, superheroes, superman, ted raimi, tenacious d, the big lebowski, the cramps, the crystal method, the matrix, the ninth configuration, the office, the outer limits, the prisoner, the proliferation of brainshare, the shield, the wilhelm, thunderstorms, title design, transmetropolitan, twilight zone, twin peaks, ultraviolet, unbreakable, visual effects, warren ellis, werewolves, writing, yoda, zombie movies